The name MONTECUCCO is very recent: indeed it was acknowledged only in 1998.

Geographically the Montecucco D.O.C. production area is positioned between the Brunello di Montalcino D.O.C.G. area to one side and the Morellino di Scansano D.O.C. and Monteregio D.O.C. to the other, towards the Tuscan west coast. This area, which benefits from the excellent microclimate of the rugged slopes of Monte Amiata, where also the renowned extra virgin olive oil varietal “Seggianese” is cultivated, has in fact obtained its D.O.C. status because of its incredible quality potential and long local viticultural traditions.

Montecucco DOC is produced within the province of Grosseto, in an area that is specifically devoted to the production of high quality wines. This area includes the localities of Cinigiano, Civitella Paganico, Campagnatico, Castel del Piano, Roccalbegna, Arcidosso, and Seggiano

The Montecucco D.O.C. includes several varieties of wine: Rosso, Sangiovese, Bianco and Vermentino. The appellations Rosso and Sangiovese also feature a Riserva wine.

Thanks to the D.O.C. certification, both wine makers and consumers have a new way of protecting and increasing the value of this century old local Tuscan wine. The DOC discipline has in fact been written in the respect of the traditions and the wine-making techniques of this area, which have been recently improved and refined. As a result, the wine from Montecucco - in particular the red one - is today renown and sought after in the global market

Montecucco Rosso is produced with Sangiovese (minimum 60%) and other non aromatic red grapes. Montecucco Bianco is made with Trebbiano toscano (at least 60%) and other white grapes. Other categories are Montecucco Sangiovese and Montecucco Vermentino, which are obtained from at least 85% of the respective grapes. Montecucco Sangiovese and Montecucco Rosso also come as Riserva wines. The yield per hectare must not exceed 9 tons for red wines and 11 tons for white wines.

Montecucco Rosso: deep ruby red colour with a vinous and round bouquet; the flavour is balanced, dry and nicely tannic. Min. alcohol: 12°. Montecucco Sangiovese: deep ruby red colour; the perfume is fruity, vinous and typical; the flavour is dry, balanced and slightly tannic. Min. alcohol: 12°. Montecucco Rosso Riserva and Sangiovese: deep ruby red colour tending to garnet; the bouquet is round, vinous, distinctive and elegant; the flavour is full, dry, warm and elegant, with occasional hints of wood. Min. alcohol: 12.5°. Montecucco Bianco: straw colour with a delicate and fresh bouquet (more or less fruity); the flavour is vivacious and dry. Min. alcohol: 11.5%. Montecucco Vermentino: straw colour with a typical delicate and fresh bouquet; the flavour is dry, smooth and sapid. Min. Alcohol: 11.5%.

Montecucco Rosso goes perfectly with cheese, Tuscan cold cuts, and meats in general.

Montecucco rosso Riserva and Riserva Sangiovese are a perfect accompaniment to red meats, roasts, game and mature cheeses.

Montecucco bianco is a natural match with soups, hors d'oeuvres and seafood in general.