The Azienda Vinicola Piandibugnano was founded in 2001 by three friends Giorgio Bucelli, Paolo Trappolini and Carlo Filippeschi. All three of them involved in the wine business for years, the foundation of a small, new winery in an emerging Tuscan wine production area, the Montecucco D.O.C., presented a new, exciting challenge for the three friends to turn their ideas and experience into reality.

To produce wines in Tuscany means to benefit from an immense, century-old wine heritage, which creates a natural basis and a frame of value for each new wine born from this region. Each of the three friends has contributed to the success of Piandibugnano with his specific skills and ideas:

Giorgio Bucelli, President of the winery and responsible for distribution and sales.

Paolo Trappolini, Winemaker

Carlo Filippeschi oversees the day to day management of the winery, including shipment and administrative matters.

The special configuration of the Montecucco area with its high altitude vineyards, the poor, rocky, porotious soil, the healthy influence from the near-by sea side and the elevated day-night temperature swings, due to the proximity of the Monte Amiata mountain, provides a perfect ambiance for the production of red and white wines where the fruity component plays the leading role.

This was an important element for the three friends in the choice of this particular D.O.C, which, because of its recent constitution, also leaves ample room for growth and interpretation from the wine-makers side. The ambition of the three friends is , in fact, to produce wines with a strong Tuscan character, therefore Sangiovese is and will always remain the main varietal in Piandubugnano’s red wines.

The style of the wine has been studied to bridge the imponent territorial character of the Montecucco production area with the taste of the modern wine lover, with a smooth, fragrant fruity taste profile, velvety tannins and an elegant, not too overpowering use of oak ageing.

Today Piandubugnano features 3,5 hectares of vineyard property, and a charming, rustic estate centre with vinification and barrique cellar positioned on the top of a green hill overlooking the centre of the small medieval town of Seggiano.

The main wine is Cuccaia, a blend of Sangiovese and Merlot, aged briefly in barriques, smooth, fragrant and easy drinking, with a modern, attractive taste profile.

The premium wine of the estate is L’Erpico, a single vineyard Sangiovese with a full body, deep, seductive fruit and a distinct, Tuscan style.

Piandibugnano also produces a white wine, Cuccallegro, a blend of two indigenous varietals, Trebbiano and Vermentino. A perfect summer wine with distinct fruity flavours and a fragrant acidity.

A specialty of Piandibugnano is the dessert wine Nanerone, produced with Aleatico, deep red in colour, chocolaty, dense, almost aromatic on the nose.